"She took every worry out of the process"

"Aside from the numerous, lovely things, the other testimonials for Aileen claim, here are a few of my own:

My husband and I were first-time home sellers this past summer, and had actually received a verbal testimonial from a friend of ours, who was raving about Aileen's services in selling her condo in the same complex as ours, in Mountain View.

Never having gone through this process before, Aileen sensed our apprehensions and nervousness, in our fear of not preparing our home properly, for sale. She spent hours helping us stage the interior, using mostly our own furniture and keeping the cost down of added props. She also went out of her way to explain, in thorough detail, how the home-selling process works, from the day you hire an agent until the day you are moving out of your "now-sold" home.

She took every worry out of the process, including bringing in her own cleaning crew; handyman for touchups; hosting several very successful open homes, and even recommending her favorite local moving companies, as we've moved up to San Francisco.

Our condo sold 11 days after it went on the market, and we received way over our asking price!

I invite any individual to contact us, personally, by phone, if they would like to hear us rave even more about Aileen's wonderful and warm relationship that she has with her clients....we know first-hand!

Thank you, Aileen!"

Karen W.  |  Seller  |  Mountain View

"I highly recommend this team if you are looking to buy or sell."

"I first worked with Aileen in 2005 when she helped me buy my condo in Mountain View. I recently reached out to her again regarding selling same condo. My condo needed a few final repairs and finishes to projects I had left undone and I couldn't seem to get any momentum towards the work that was needed to get it ready for sale.

Aileen stepped in, and with her customary energy and good humor, JUST MADE IT HAPPEN. I had quotes within a week, the work was completed in two weeks, and before I knew it, it was time to put it on the market. Aileen and Katie coordinated everything from repair work to painting, new carpeting, new landscaping, smoke detector installation and the staging.

Aileen and Katie took charge of everything, and made it come to together with minimal to no hassle. All the paperwork was done online and at my convenience-- no more stacks of paper! The house repairs, prep and staging was done meticulously (I seriously gave thought to moving back in after I saw her amazing results!).

The marketing materials were very professional and they definitely generated a lot of interest. After just one weekend on the market, the place was sold.

Aileen and Katie were easily accessible at all times and for all questions. They are flexible, communicate well and were able to competently answer all my questions (even ones I didn't know to ask!).

I highly recommend this team if you are looking to buy or sell."

Tracey H.  |  Seller  |  Belmont

"She's been extremely professional and nothing but amazing"

"We've been working with Aileen for nearly 7 years on three transactions (2 home purchases and 1 sale). In all this time she's been extremely professional and nothing but amazing. If you're a first-time home buyer or trying to move up to a larger home, like we were, you need an experienced pro on your side who really knows the current market conditions, and more importantly, what it takes to make your offer stand out and be successful. You also need someone who is there for you and who can act quickly. When the listing for your dream home comes along nothing else matters.

When we bought our first home in 2006, Aileen helped us prevail against 13 (!) other offers and close in record time. Aileen quickly did research and helped us strategize how to make our offer look most attractive in the face of strong competition. We were successful even though our offer wasn't the highest and this was the first time we had ever made an offer on a house. Even more impressive to us was the fact that we had only met Aileen the day of the open house. Three days later, she called us with the good news that our offer had been accepted. There are not many agents who would jump right in with new clients and have such an outstanding track record in making successful offers.

When it was time to sell our home in 2012, Aileen recommended sensible improvements that significantly improved the look and feel of the place. She works with a team of quality contractors (gardener, painter, stager, photographer, etc) who you can trust will do an excellent job. We had over 300 people show up during the open house resulting in 10 offers, with several above asking price. You simply can't ask for a better result. She really helps take the stress out of selling a home.

Aileen uses the latest tools to set up automatic searches for comparable homes. You can also do most of the paperwork online and sign electronically. This saves you a lot of time and you don't need to go to an office in case you're traveling. At the end, Aileen gives you a CD with all documentation from the transaction for your records.

So if you've read this far and you're still looking for an agent, please do yourself a favor and give Aileen a call. You will not regret it."

Martin K.  |  Seller  |  Sunnyvale

"Aileen was simply fantastic start to finish."

"Aileen is fantastic: professional, kind, knowledgeable, patient, and smart. She was a wonderful guide for us as first-time homebuyers, explaining the process and patiently waiting while we looked for months trying to figure out what was important to us in a house. Once we narrowed down the location we wanted, my wife and I looked at almost every house that had any potential for us (6-10 a week for 3 months); Aileen saw just about every one we did. She was so determined to help us vet potential houses that on more than one occasion we felt bad about the amount of time she spent helping us, but she always seemed happy to do it and saw it as simply part of her job. Aileen was always willing to meet us and talk things over at a property, even if we called her at the last minute. In person, Aileen is wonderful, and she is phenomenal over email. We would send her emails with dozens of questions, and she would respond to every one of those questions, every time. (We appreciated this even more once we began working with other people in and around real estate. For everyone else we worked with, we would send 1 or 2 questions and *hope* they would be answered.) Email was especially important because we began our search remotely from Chicago and email was our primary form of communication for 3 months before moving to the Bay Area.

Once we began submitting offers, Aileen was instrumental in helping us understand the process of making an offer. She talked us through the mountain of paperwork that comprises an offer, highlighted what was important and what was not, what was common and what was not, explained our options in writing up a contract, discussed the impact of inspectors findings, and talked with us about potential improvements that we might want to make. Despite having been through this process so many times, she always made us feel that our lack of understanding and our questions were reasonable ones (even when they weren't).

After we had one of our offers accepted, Aileen was still there arranging additional inspections, meeting us at the property to decide what kinds of work we wanted to have done, interfacing with our mortgage broker, and letting us know when things were supposed to be happening. At some point, I was starting to wonder if we should begin pushing on people to get their work done so we could close on time, and the next morning Aileen had written an email asking the very thing I had been wondering. After we closed, we had a 30 day rent-back, and she smoothed the way with the previous owner. Aileen also arranged for a number of cleaning services (house cleaners, air duct cleaners, gardener) that we wanted to have done before the actual move in. She is still, now a month after we moved in, helping us arrange for estimates for work done. Aileen was simply fantastic start to finish. My wife and I have already recommended her to family and friends.

While we worked primarily with Aileen, we also worked with Katie on a few occasions. She is extremely organized and planned initial house hunting days for my wife and me when we were in the area, dealing with selecting houses, setting up appointments, visiting the houses, and having great discussions to help us narrow down and prioritize our preferences. Once we had our offer accepted, she worked tirelessly behind-the-scenes to make sure the transaction closed on-time and smoothly."

Tim H.  |  Buyer |  Los Altos

"Aileen is very organized, forthright, and professional"

"Aileen is very organized, forthright, and professional. Also just a wonderful human being.

After discussing with me what I was looking for, she was quickly able to distill my sort of vague parameters into a list of potential houses. She then organized viewings and set up a great day of house hunting. She would walk through with me and discuss the relative pros and cons of each room. She would use her previous construction experience and her interior decorating experience to analyze structural integrity, point out potential problem areas, assess what it would entail to fix things, what it would entail to make something lackluster look great, and finally would help me factor in all these things into my larger decision making process.

She is also very principled and ethical, something I value in a partnership.

Thanks, Aileen!"

Brian J.  |  Buyer |  Palo Alto

"Aileen is very organized, forthright, and professional"

"We have completed our last four real estate transactions with Aileen and for the last one we worked with both Aileen and her associate Katie Williams. We could not be happier. Buying or selling property is always stressful. However, Aileen has always made the process as painless as possible and we have never felt pressured into a decision. She presents different options and her opinion regarding the pros and cons of each option but doesn’t try to force you into a particular decision. She is responsive, and timely. She has been an incredible advocate and negotiator and we plan to use her for any future transactions. One more thing, if you have ever bought or sold real estate in California you are aware of the endless amounts of paper that gets wasted. When working with Aileen much of the extraneous paperwork is provided in digital form because who needs a hard copy of the form that discloses that they have to disclose all of the disclosers."

Catherine H.  |  Buyer & Seller |  Mountain View

"We highly recommend the Williams-La Bouff Team!"

"We worked with Aileen over a six year period, through the purchase and sale of our Mountain View home. She is always professional, accessible, and gives smart and practical advice. Even in the intervening years, when we weren't buying or selling, she was always available to discuss the market, give her opinion on ways to improve our house, connect us with contractors, etc., and has been a great friend and resource. We also recently started working with Katie and she has been great as well.

We highly recommend the Williams-La Bouff team!"

David R.  |  Buyer & Seller |  Los Altos

"She is so much more than a real estate agent."

"You WANT Aileen to sell your house for you. She is so much more than a real estate agent. Aileen has a keen design eye and with all her very reasonable contractor contacts can turn your home into a jewel that will attract multiple bids

My best recommendation is to stand back ( as hard as it is sometimes) and let Aileen decide what to change, pick colors, etc. She can get the work done for a fraction of what it would cost you. If says something like " all the cabinet pulls and door hardware needs to be updated...believe her. She has such a keen sense of what is wanted in today's market. Things don't always go right like in the case of my house (the high bidder could not meet their financial obligation) Aileen immediately contacted the next highest bidders and negotiated a fantastic final selling price.

What can I say about a cheery, humorous, artistic, whip-smart, savvy business woman like Aileen? HIRE HER!"

Marilyn P.  |  Seller |  Los Altos

"Once she took over it was a dream."

"I can't say enough great things about this lady. She stepped in to help sell our house while we were facing some very challenging circumstances. Once she took over it was a dream. She is very organized, communicates well and saves trees in the process by puting most of the paperwork online. I would put five stars as the rating but I want to make sure the rating stays here."

Lisa C.  |  Seller |  Mountain View

"Once she took over it was a dream."

"Peerless! I've used several realtors over the years, and she's the cream of the crop!

Above and Beyond--She picked me up from the airport and drove me to my new home! She's an eco broker, has a legal background, and is extremely thorough with the process and the significant amount of paperwork that comes with buying/selling a home. No worries, she uses recycled paper and pens and has a cool laptop program I signed some of the documents on.

Responsive and meticulous! She met all my schedule requirements and requests to view places, pointed out every minute detail I should be aware of about the property, and was very upfront and honest.

Delivers--Aileen's confidence and creativity enabled me to win over the sellers in a bidding war when I purchased my home! I had full confidence in her. She also scanned in all of my home-buying documents to be maintained on a server and created a CD with all the documents for me so I don't have to maintain a mound of paperwork in my home.

Look no further! Aileen will exceed every one of your expectations in buying/selling a home. I can't say enough great things about her. She's awesome!"

Marcy E.  |  Buyer |  Sunnyvale

"We firmly believe the purchase of our first home would not have happened if it weren't for her."

"Let me start by saying: Aileen is awesome! My fiancee and I found her on Trulia, read her yelp review, and emailed her to make an appointment. This lady responded to our email in minutes, and this persistent communication continued throughout our transaction. She's flexible to meet with our needs. She made us feel like we were her only clients. She's optimistic, assertive; realistic and personable. She gets things done! We firmly believe the purchase of our first home would not have happened if it weren't for her."

Lorraine P.  |  Buyer |  Santa Clara

"We firmly believe the purchase of our first home would not have happened if it weren't for her."

"Aileen has been my realtor for over 3 years and after I bought a place, the service didn't just stop there. She's always available for questions and advice, and she provides periodic updates without being asked that address the value of my property as well as information about the market as a whole. She also has shown a commitment to the environment and sustainability and is very knowledgeable in that respect. I can always discuss those issues with her too."

Keith S.  |  Buyer |  Mountain View

"I am confident the reason we got our new home is purely because of Aileen's expertise"

"Where to begin... we could not have found a better Realtor even if we tried.

Aileen La Bouff helped us with every step of the way of purchasing our first new home. She kept us informed with every detail with every aspect of home buying. She clearly understood everything that we were looking for and worked with our family perfectly!

She has a plethora of knowledge with the bay area and really keeps your best interest in mind. I feel she went way above and beyond what any other Realtor would have done for us. Even our 6 year adores her!

I am confident the reason we got our new home is purely because of Aileen's expertise and genuine caring for us as her clients. We got our first home on our first offer so smoothly and it was because Aileen helped us with every aspect of the offer and being so meticulously and mindfully of us.

I have been told buying a home is stressful, but I feel that it has been one of the most pleasurable experiences possible. Whenever I walk into our new home I am so grateful that Aileen made it possible for our family to have a home."

Ravit O.  |  Buyer |  Mountain View

"I am confident the reason we got our new home is purely because of Aileen's expertise"

"Aileen was a pleasure to work with from beginning to end. She explained the house-buying process clearly, and truly understood all the rules and laws involved. The paperwork and legal work are confusing to the first-time buyer, but Aileen sailed us through everything that came along, so that it became an easy process.

After the sale, Aileen continued to be a help to us, passing on references for contractors, negotiating with termite & house inspectors on our behalf, and generally being a dream come true!

I would not hesitate to recommend Aileen to a future buyer. Thank you for everything you did for us!"

Sian F.  |  Buyer |  Campbell

"Aileen was everything you could ask for in a realtor."

"Although this was our first time buying a home, I have had recent experience assisting in the home buying process for family members. The nightmarish situations that took place in most of these instances left me to expect that level of difficulty to be the norm. That is, until we met Aileen.

Aileen was everything you could ask for in a realtor. As first time home buyers, we had questions about every little detail and Aileen was always happy to answer us thoroughly and in an incredibly timely manner. She was patient with us as we looked for our home and gave us the options that were best suited for us and our needs. She showed integrity and professionalism by refusing to ever double dip as the buying and selling agent. She took us to see homes at non-business hours that worked for our schedules and gave her honest opinion and thoughts. And most of all, she established a relationship with us where we trusted her and valued her opinion."

Chris P.  |  Buyer |  San Jose

"Aileen has helped us on many aspects of the home buying process."

"Aileen has helped us on many aspects of the home buying process. She was extremely helpful in putting together the offer for the home we decided upon. This made the difference, as our offer was accepted and was *not* the highest offer on the table!

She has also been very helpful in aspects of what to look for in homes, structurally and design aspects, to make sure we were aware of features to look for or avoid"

Edgar O.  |  Buyer |  Mountain View

"My sale would not have happened without her"

"I used Katie for the sale of my home in San Jose, CA and she did an incredible job. I asked her to take over the sale of my home because my original agent was not able to handle the transaction properly nor in a timely manner. I asked Katie to step in. I live in Oregon and I was not able to handle some repair work that had to be done prior to sale. Katie obtained contractors for me and made sure the work was done quickly and economically. She kept myself and the Buyer informed on a daily basis as to the progress of the repairs, plus, she handled all contract addendums associated with the repairs. She was able to meet the deadline
that we had all imposed on the sale.

Everything she did was very professional and she truly cared about my situation in terms of getting the work done and on time. She took a very personal interest in the whole situation. My sale would not have happened without her and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a great Real Estate Agent.
I only wish she lived in Oregon so she could be my agent here regarding the purchase of my new home here!"

Everett H.  |  Seller |  San Jose

"Looking for an agent? Look no further!"

"My wife and I couldn't be any happier. We are so elated moving in to our new home way ahead of schedule. Using a VA loan, we honestly did not expect to close in less than thirty days. We signed on day 23, recorded the next day and had the keys to our new home that afternoon! This was made possible through the hard work of Aileen La Bouff.

Aileen was assigned to us by Navy Federal Credit Union in May 2014, while I was still stationed overseas. She began working with us well before my family and I moved back to the states in July which made a huge difference in terms of saving time we didn't have, allowing us to narrow our searches for properties as soon as returning to California which expedited the contracting process.

When we returned from overseas, Aileen picked us up (my entire family of four) from our hotel since our vehicle was still in transit from Korea to immediately begin house hunting. Aileen's excellent ability to represent and advocate for us paid dividends making the sellers feel very comfortable about entertaining buyers using a VA loan, which many sellers normally shy away from.

From start to finish, Aileen was consistently prepared, thorough, prompt and professional. Aileen never missed a beat and overcame any obstacles that would otherwise slow the momentum of the closing process. She was very thoughtful and sincere about the well being of my family especially while staying in hotel for more than thirty days and enabled our speedy check out of a very crammed room.

We will definitely seek Aileen's services again when we are ready to purchase our retirement home, or should we decide to sell one of our properties. My wife and I strongly endorse Aileen to represent U.S. military veterans, active and reserve members. Aileen understands the needs of military members and their family. USAA and Navy Federal must continue to consider Aileen's services in future. The only thing that I regret is my inability to rate Aileen with more stars than allowed! If anyone out there is looking for an agent, look no further."

Raymond S.  |  Buyer |  San Jose